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Gerätebau GmbH
Mühlstrasse 19
D-76889 Barbelroth
(near Bad Bergzabern)

+49 6343 / 21 39 or
+49 6343 / 61 45 4
+49 6343 / 50 94

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Operating Instructions - sequence

1. Pass the tool in the open position over the tie wire and vine widly ...

2. ...without using too much force close the tool until the wire is clampen in the aperture

3. Open the tool again and withdraw it so that ...

4. can be closed just in front of the tie wire and vine

The closer to the vine the tighter the binding.

5. Close the tool without using too much force until a slight click is heard.
The loop is now clamped in the aperture.
{short description of image}

6. Open the tool again and lift it off while still open until the the wire loop is pulled out of the head.

Example of a tight binding

Take it slowly and carefully to begin with!
After a little familiarization you will then be able to work confidently and quickly.