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(near Bad Bergzabern)

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Fitting a new reel

1. Slacken knurled nut and remove old reel.
Insert new reel with the three knobs downwards.

2.Push in knurled nut and then tighten until the reel is lightly braked.

3. Pull out approximately 15 cm of wire and thread it through the wire guide and nozzle.

4. Bend approximately 1 cm of the end of the upwards in the direction of the press-in device.

5. Close the tool until the wire is held.
Turn the knurled nut counter-clockwise to slacken the reel brake until the tool opens on its own.
The wire reel must not unroll.

6. Use a thumb to form a loop in the wire and close the tool without exerting too much force until a slight click is heard.

7. Pull the loop out of the head...

8. ...or remove it in the direction of the pres-in device by pressing on the wire retainer.