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Minor rectification
  Each new tool is functionally tested and precisely adjusted by us. If defects occur in the course of time, these can be rectified as described below and shown in the illustrations.

The wire no longer twirls properly.
a) Bits of wire or foreign bodies may be gathered in the head.
- These must be removed.
Top picture
b) The wire loop can be pulled out too easily.
- Tighten the adjusting screw in the head half a turn, repeat as necessary until the binding again operates properly.
Center picture
Caution: The spring must not be cloesd completely by the adjusting screw!
Do the finger nail test.
Bottom picture.
c) The adjusting screw may be hent by striking the stop.
Check that the tongue is lightly spring-loaded.
Carry out the finger nail test.
If the adjusting screw is bent, it must be replaced.

a) The shaft is rotated too far or the ratchet does not engage.
The return stop should always engage in the ratchet with the minimum backlash , max. 1 mm.
This can be adjusted by shifting the pedestal and carrier. To do this slacken the screw, slide the pedestal 1 mm forwards or backwards, retighten the screw and carry out a binding test.

b)The wire slips through between the aperture and shaft.
The aperture must always lie on the shaft.

Slacken the screw,
firmly press down the aperture using the thumb and then tighten the screw.