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Replacement of springs and rubber pad
The helix no longer returns on its own.

a) The return spring may be broken.

Remove the old spring as follows.
Hold the helix in the pushed-in position, insert the special screwdriver through the opening in the blade tube and unscrew the piston.

Using a 2 mm drift, drive out the pin from the piston far enough to enable the new spring to be pushed in. Push the spring into place and drive in the pin until flush.
Fitting new spring
Insert the special screwdriver through the spring into the piston slot.
Insert the piston with the spring and screwdriver into the opening of the blade tube and rotate clockwise until the piston is securely seated.
Using the steel wire hook, withdraw the eye of the spring approximately 20 mm from the tube and clip the blanking cap in place. Press in the strap of the blanking cap far enough so that the spring cannot hang out. Make sure the spring is not jammed.
Allow the spring to return until the blanking cap lies on the blade tube.

b) The helixmay be bent.
in this case the helix must be either straightened or replaced. We recommend that the repair be carried out by us.

The shaft can not be rotated further.
The rubber pad in the block may have softened or fallen out due to the use of the incorrect oil or a solvent.
Fitting a new rubber pad.
Clean the pedestal, without removing it, using a nitro solvent or similar substance. Apply contact adhesive (Pattex) to three sides of the rubber pad and the contact points in the pedestal,slide in until flush and press down using pliers.

The tension spring has broken
Remove the bits of the old spring. Using a 3mm drift, drive back the clamping pin until the slot for the spring is clear. Position a new spring using the elongated eye end and drive in the pin. Using the steel wire hook pull the round eye end over the retaining pin and press in with the thumb without bending.