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Caire and maintenance

The helix should always be covered with a light film of oil.
Withdraw the helix to oil.

There must always be a light film of oil in the area of the blade and between the return stop and ratchet. Oil these areas as necessary.
The area of the wire catcher and the aperture must be kept free of oil, because bits of the wire to adhere.

Lightly oil the wire guide slot daily (1 drop of oil).
Oil the joints once a year.
After the tool has been used,
particularity after working in damp weather, leave the unit to dry out unpacked. Oil as necessary.

Use only BELI special oil, available from us.
If damage occurs to your tool which is beyond the scope of pages 6 to 9 or if wear parts require replacement that you return the tool to us for repair.
Because all parts can be replaced, almost any repair is economical.
We provide a one year warranty covering all material and manufacturing defects for every new tool.
The warranty does not cover spring breakage, damage due to incorrect usage or the application of force or normal wear.
We do not consider claims other than repairs.
In the event of a warrenty claim, return the tool to us with proof of date of purchase.