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Advantages which will convince you too..

Time-savings due to rapid binding


The time required for binding is approx. 14 - 16 hours per hectare (1 hectare with 4500 vines, 2 shoots per vine=9000 bindings). When pruning, the bindings from the previous year can be easily removed with the old canes without any extra effort - no cutting necessary.



Low-cost binding material


Spools are used for binding with special wire wound on in layers by machine. One spool contains approx. 80 meters of special wire which is sufficient for arround 800 to 1000 bindings. Approx. 9 spools are required to bind 1 hectare.



Cost savings


With the binding tool you can save enormous time compared with conventional, manual bindings.

The binding tool has paid for itself after a short time because of economisation from binding-material-costs and wage-costs..



Strain-free work due to improved posture


The binding tool can be used without any major effort. The pliers and spool weight only around 460g. After 800 to 1000 bindings the spool can be changed quickly and easily. The pliers can be used in all weathers.



The binding tool is durable and easy to repair


The basics components are of non-oxidising duralumin. Wearing parts are of high-grade refined and hardened steel. All parts can be replaced at low cost.



Environmentally friendly binding material


As the binding material is of steel it is also environmentally friendly. Steel is a natural product an decomposes naturally and without residues.